8.Sealing Compound and Fiber SCF-ALLCO


SCF - ALLCO® Sealing Compound

  • For seal forming between and
    around each electrical conductor
    inside of sealing fitting to restrict
    the passage of gases, vapors and

SCF - ALLCO® Sealing Fiber

  • Forms a positive dam to hold
    sealing compound in the sealing
Feature : SCF  - ALLCO®  Sealing  Compound  is 
    water soluble powder that can be easily 
    mixed and poured. Mix 2 parts by volume
    of SCF -ALLCO®Sealing Compound with 1
    part of clean water in a completely clean 
    container. Stir it immediately and thoroughly 
    then pour this compound into the the 
    sealing  fitting.Compound will harden in 60
    minutes then form a secure non-shrinking, 
    acids, water and oil resistant seal.
    SCF-ALLCO® Sealing Fiber is a rope type
    asbestos fiber that easy to form a dam and 
    and non-flammable.
Packing : SCF-ALLCO® Sealing Compound and 
    Sealing Fiber are packed together in
    standard package 454 g. (1 lb.). 
    Note : SCF-ALLCO® Sealing Compound 
    and Fiber are approved for use only 
    with  ALLOY sealing fittings.
Caution  : Do not mix more than it can be poured 
    within 10  minutes after adding water.
    Use cold water, warm water increases
    speed of setting.Partical of  previous 
    mixing or dirt  may spoil the seal. 
    KEEP DRY and tightly closed when  it is 
    not in used.
Hazardous Area Gas Dust
Zones 1 & 2 21 & 22
Conformity to Standard EN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013,EN 60079-1:2014,
  EN 60079-14:2013
Ambeint Temperature -20 oC to +75 oC