2.Rotating Beacon (Warning Light), DBN Series


The DBN rotating beacons are suitable to use
in process area where need a visual signal for
communication such as to warn of unsafe
conditions. They are designed for zone 1, 2
and zone 21, 22 hazardous areas.

Hazardous Area Gas   Dust
Zones 1 & 2 21&22
Conforming to ATEX  Ex II 2G   Ex II 2D
Symbol of Protection ATEX Ex db eb IIB Gb Ex  tb IIIC Db
Symbol of Protection IEC
T Rating  T6 (Ta 40  o C ) NA
  T5 (Ta 55  o C )
Surface Temp. NA T80 C (Ta 40  o C ) 
  T100 o C (Ta 55  o C )
Standard ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, std. EN 60079-0:2012,
  EN 60079-1:2014 , EN 60079-7:2007, EN60079-1:2014,
  IECEx Scheme, std. IEC 60079-0:2011, IEC60079-1:2014,
  IEC 60079-7:2015, IEC60079-31:2013
Ambient Temperature -20  o C to +55  o C   
Index of Protection IP66  
Connection L, N and E ; for 1-4 mm.2  cable
Entries 2-Ø3/4" NPT OR 2-M25x1.5 (specify)
Mounting  Ceiling or Bracket type
Housing material : Marine grade copper-free aluminium alloy
    with polyester powder coated, RAL 7032 (grey)
Glass globe : Borosilicate glass
Filter  : Plastic
Guard, bolts : Stainless steel
Seal gasket  : Silicone -40 oC to +175 oC


Electrical Rating    
Power consumption  :  3W.       220V.AC.
     3.4W     24V.DC.
Luminous intensity    : 3000 cd   Red colour lens 
    3000 cd   Yellow colour lens
    2500 cd   Green colour lens
    2000 cd   Blue colour lens